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Strategic Planning and
Performance Improvement Consulting

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We provide a comprehensive menu of customized services to help organizations plan effectively, and solve complex performance problems that impact strategy execution.  If your strategic planning process has become stale or ineffective; or you’re experiencing problems in achieving or sustaining productivity, quality, cycle time or profit performance, we can help.  Our clients have realized millions of dollars in documented performance improvements.

Strategic Planning – we evaluate your current approach, and handle the details of process design, development, facilitation and documentation. We actively engage all participants in conducting an environmental scan to gather needed facts and data, and provide fresh perspective, understanding and insight; creating a shared vision of your desired future; assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; and developing goals, strategies, measurements, and practical action plans.

Vision, Mission and Values Development – an in-depth exploration, clarification and definition of an organization’s vision, mission, and values. The process results in the creation of meaningful cultural expectations that will engage, energize, inspire, challenge, motivate and guide the organization to higher performance.

Action Planning – focuses diverse stakeholders to quickly reach consensus, pull together an effective plan, organize resources and mobilize their energy into action. Effectively plan and organize projects or events, push a stalled project to completion, or develop an annual plan for a department, committee or team.

Balanced Scorecard Measurement System – we facilitate a process to familiarize key people with the balanced scorecard framework, and develop appropriate scorecard perspectives and measures to translate your organizational vision and strategy into meaningful action and results.  We also help you establish a systematic organizational performance review process with clear roles and responsibilities to overcome common barriers to strategy execution.

Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Problem-Solving Process – we organize, train and facilitate internal teams to solve challenging process performance problems. We coach and facilitate teams through problem definition, cause analysis, solution analysis, and action planning. We utilize a variety of proven problem-solving methods to stimulate creativity, capture diverse ideas, reach consensus, and create ownership. Teams also receive tools, templates, techniques and a roadmap to implement improvements.

Process Improvement – we organize, train and facilitate internal process improvement teams, utilizing a systematic approach to document and define current state processes; identify and eliminate waste, inefficiencies and bottlenecks; and redesign them as improved lean processes that add value and produce sustainable measurable results.

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