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Registration for Dallas Area ICA ToP® Facilitation Courses
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Technology of Participation (ToP)The Institute of Cultural Affairs in the U.S.A. (ICA)You may use this form to register for one of our upcoming ICA ToP® Facilitation Methods courses. To register, select the course you want to attend, complete the registration form, then click on the Submit button. Once your registration information has been received, one of our representatives will contact you to confirm your registration and make arrangements for payment. You must submit a separate form for each course you wish to register for. To arrange a customized in-house course, please see our Contact Us page. You may call us, or simply select “ToP® Facilitation Services” as your subject, and send us an email message concerning your requirements.
Upcoming Courses
Select Course Title Dates Location
April 28-29, 2014Dallas, Texas
September 22-23, 2014Dallas, Texas

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